Our Story


InPasta and Pizza is an innovative and creative take on traditional Italian food. Here, you can expect nothing less than perfection. Whether it is pizza, pasta, or anything in between. This is all made possible with our fresh ingredients, world-class chefs, and a fierce drive to deliver the best Italian experience San Diego has too offer. 

The Vision

InPasta started off as a vision to make Italian food more accessible and easier for working class people during lunch. However, this idea quickly grew to provide everyone, including workers, mothers, fathers, and everyone in between a delicious, and high quality Italian experience that they otherwise wouldn’t have time for. InPasta and Pizza is perfect for people with short lunch breaks, or even people trying to get a healthy and quick option after a long day of work. 

We understand that many people don’t have the time to cook food for themselves every night, and eating fast food every day after work can take a serious toll on someone’s health. So we thought, “what if we combine the speed of fast-food with the freshness of Italian cuisine?” And so, our take-out option was born. We prepare all the food for you ready for you to enjoy fresh at home. 

Why InPasta?

What makes Italian food so special isn’t the fancy ingredients or over-the-top cooking techniques, but rather, an appreciation of simplicity and the balance of delicate flavors that create a culinary bouquet that brings comfort and makes you feel warm inside. That is our mission, to bring San Diego a home away from home, where they can stop by, enjoy delicious and affordable Italian food.

The language of food is something truly powerful and needs to be fully appreciated. Whether it is at home, a restaurant, or at a friend’s house, food should never have shortcuts. This is why we are committed to providing San Diego with the true Italian experience of culinary perfection that will skip your stomach and speak directly to your heart.