Affordable, Authentic Italian Food

The Doors Swing Wide Open For Everyone at InPasta and Pizza, No Matter Your Circumstance

Affordable creative authenticity has never tasted better than at San Diego’s InPasta and Pizza, a contemporary reimagining of home-cooked Italian food made with fresh ingredients, simple yet delicate recipes, and most importantly, love. With a build-your-own pasta station, as well as a wide variety and large portions of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free pizza and pasta options, InPasta sets itself apart with its low prices and conjoined Italian market with products sourced directly from Italy. Sicilian co-owners  Vincenzo Loverso and longtime partners Alessandro Minutella and Alberto Mestre and Chef Marco Provino sought to celebrate the aromas and flavors of their home, to present a slice of their country to San Diego. InPasta is a commemoration of Italy, crafted especially for those who either don’t have time or are unable to afford the best of the best. 

The founding of InPasta relied on a simple, heartwarming intention: creating space for working class San Diegians with short lunches to find delectable healthy dishes in the palm of their hand. The restaurant’s vision widened quickly to include anyone and everyone who seeks a genuine Italian experience but doesn’t have the means for more expensive avenues. The market right next door provides guests with the ingredients for every dish offered, including their very own house sauces, pickled vegetables, and everything Italian they would need to cook their own creative InPasta-inspired meals. 

InPasta was built on a foundation of community and accommodation—whether it be with the plethora of takeout options they offer or the special events they host every week, they ensure that you always feel welcome here. Their three takeout packages cater to a wide variety of customers, making it easier and faster to choose what you want and how you want it. Along with top-of-the-line catering services, they offer separate menus for any occasion you may want to celebrate at InPasta. Searching for a candlelit, low-priced romantic date night? Are your girlfriends getting frustrated looking for the perfect venue for wine and dinner on a Wednesday night? Or maybe it’s been a grueling day at work, and you’re looking to unwind with your colleagues. Drinks, appetizers, entrées, and more are perfectly chosen for each situation—shared tantalizing desserts for the happy couple, cheesy snacks for the coworkers, and an assortment of wines and live music for the giggling friends. With a streamlined booking process for any group event, everything from a birthday party to a wedding reception, InPasta truly has you covered for any circumstance.

Although every dish fills the hearts and stomachs of their guests, it’s InPasta’s pasta that steals the show. The chefs have adopted a unique approach in the way they prepare their pastas that separates them from any competition. They begin each pasta from scratch, fresh every morning. Next, they turn their attention to the sauces, handcrafted and passed from through generations of Italian families. Finally, they cook your choice of protein to order, combine the sauce and pasta to create a mouthwatering, exquisitely balanced blend of savory flavors you’ll have to come back for.